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Different types of Eustralis Stellata

Well, I'm just guessing here. I think there's been much talkabout on the
plant ES here. Some claimed that they have excellent plant growth without
any dying of the tips, while others never grow nice ES like me. Mine does
grow beautifully though at some point of time, 1 month or so, the tips will
just get stunted and stop growing, only to put out some nice young shoots

I've seen the picture of ES on awaqua.com and discovered that mine looks
rather different from it. Mine looks pretty much like this:

And also, I've been to a aquatic plant farm and found 2 different ES plant
that looks superficially like each other. One of those is the one I have. I
asked the owner if both of them are ES and she said yes but definitely not
the same. She's not sure too. And she agreed with me that the one I had was
very difficult to grow and the other was relatively easy.

Perhaps, one of which is the real Eustralis Stellata, while the other is
just of the the same species. Comments?

Chee Ming in fair and windy Singapore with strong northeasterly wind.