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RE: APD delivered as HTML

> Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 16:26:24 -0500
> From: Thomas Brennan

> Wouldn't it be nice if you could receive the APD in
> HTML with each topic as a link to it in the body of
> the message and a <NEXT>, <Previous> & <TOP> link to
> bring you back to the top?

In your text reader, that's normally F4 (Find), Shift+F4 (Find Next), Page
Down, Page Up and Ctrl+Home. As well as an additional option: Ctrl+End for

> Text is nice and compact but with 20GB drives going
> for $100 who cares?

I have a hair over 100 GB storage (in the new 7600 RPM drives), but do not
want it filled with fourteen font sizes, 350 font types, 287 eye-glaring
color combinations, nor everyone's version of "fun" bells, whistles and
useless animations they use as "sigs".

Especially if they're going to give me multiple copies with each digest
because most readers haven't bothered to learn the value of editing since
they invented the "Reply" key.

Nor does a high speed connection play into most people's lives yet. Let's
see - it's about 10K a month for T1, 35K a month for T3, the fiber optic
rush ended with the dot-bomb, and the spread of DSL has become dismally slow
while Bell tries to eliminate the last of its possible competition. Oh, and
in most areas the cable company's still analog. That's just here in the US.
Most "foreigners" are still paying connect-time fees and taxes on their
telephone time thanks to opportunistic tax laws.

I think that the easiest examples against HTML are found within the news
groups fostered by the company that's shoving it down our throats. Some day
when your nerves are up to it, drop by any of the Microsoft exchanges and
see how many messages you can stomach...


David A. Youngker
nestor10 at mindspring_com

...coming down on HTML - NOT Thomas for asking...