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Re:Pearling algae ???'s

>> 1-  Does pearling signify that plant is growing and has plenty of nutrients
>> or does it just mean theres respiration?
>_Generally_, pearling is what you look for.

You can have good plant growth and no visible algae without ANY pearling.
Pearling is an indication of a generally faster photosynthetic rate and
larger quantity of photosynthesizing plants that are sufficient to create
oxygen saturation. It also depends on the initial O2 state in the morning,
and other factors. When the water is saturated, the new O2 can no longer go
into solution so you see visibile bubbles on the leaves, or thin streams of
bubbles rising to the surface

Aquarium plants (including algae) are producing O2 from the time the lights
come on until just before they go off. I have some tanks with no pearling,
no visible algae and I still pull plants out each month. In those tanks, if
I provide more light and/or CO2 and/or nutrients, I can get pearling. I
mostly choose not to do so. Slow plant growth can be very gratifying. I
also tend to hate the look of leaves covered with O2 bubbles. This does not
seem to be the prevailing view, so I just wanted folks to know it is OK to
be different :-)