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Re:Pearling algae ???'s

> 1-  Does pearling signify that plant is growing and has plenty of nutrients
> or does it just mean theres respiration?

_Generally_, pearling is what you look for.
> 2-  How long does it take if there is appropiate nutrients before I notice
> anything.

A day or two(pearling is _something_).
> 3-  algae problem is getting worse now. both I believe you call it greenspot
> and general slim on glass. below are particulars of 55 gal tank. I need to
> scrape about once every 4-5 days.
> Have 8 SAE fish
> 2- guoromis
> 2 tetras
> 1- angel fish
> oh yea I have been fighting snails like you wouldnt believe. Prolificate
> little guys.

Your feeding them then. Back off all the food. Trade them in for shrimps and
otto, Anistrus cats etc. Add a snail eater later if they really bug you.
> Ammonia     0
> Nitrite     0
> PH          6.6
> KH          2.0 
> CO2     15ppm
> lighting        161 watts  96 and 55 w subcompacts
> water change    I do about 25% every week when home

Try 50% weekly water changes. Scrape off all the algae first, then do the
water change. Raise your KH up to 4 and keep your pH the same.
Plan on adding K2SO4 and KNO3. Your growing plants much faster now. they
need food other wise they stunt and you get algae.

> 4-  If KH is too low what do I add and how much. Wheres the formula? And if
> ph is too low I will just decrease number of bubbles injected? Right now 1
> bubble/ 4 secs.

Wow, that's what I'd add on a 200 gallon + tank. Consider a better method.
To raise KH add balking soda. Add in 1/8 th or 1/4 teaspoon increments and
wait a few hours for the KH to stabilize. Note how much you added. Do a
water change. Note how much is needed to raise it back up to the desired KH.
Some folks have formula's on their web sites. For a 55, perhaps 1/2 teaspoon
for the 50% make up water. I think that's what I used. Been awhile since I
took care of a soft water tank. I always tested it before I left to make
sure= 4-5KH for a tap KH of 2.
> 5-  Do I need to test for something else? If so what and how do you manage if
> there is a problem

Work, cleaning, trimming, adding herbivores, adding enough nutrients for the
plants CO2, macro nutrients(GH & NPK) and traces. K2SO4 at 1/4-1/2 teaspoon
weekly after water change. KNO3 at 1/2 teaspoon 2x a week for now. Traces at
5mls for now 3 x a week and later up to 10mls(TMG or Flourish). You have a
lot of light on there. Keep reading the Krib etc. Learn all you can about
CO2. Nutrients are not too bad.
Tom Barr 
> I have been reading with interest all of your comments and searched site and
> Krib but can seem to come to a good conclusion.
> Regards
> Richard Moore