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Re: Echinodorus compacta

Paul Krombholz wrote:
> To me, the leaves of the Tropica variety look shortened and twisted as
> though the plant wasn't getting all the nutrients it needed.  (Perhaps a
> smidgeon of calcium deficiency) I refer to the picture in Kasselmann, as
> well as various others on web pages of plant retailers. I also think that
> the variagated forms of plants also look diseased. (Actually, they are.)  I
> think that fancy goldfish look like gastly, unfortunate mutants that ought
> to be put out of their misery.  I don't even like long-finned zebra danios.
> So there!
> Forrest Grump

Heh. I guess us "purists" are rare. They look at me like an alien in the
LFS when I say, "what's with all these funky discus? Don't you have any
'real' browns or something?"

Jerry Baker