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Re: Adjusting pH

Michael wrote:
> I don't know what the properties of your source water are, but a common
> way of approaching this is to set the KH with baking soda, then use only
> CO2 to bring the pH back down to your target range.  Using this method,
> one can easily ascertain CO2 saturation from the KH/pH/CO2 table (at
> thekrib.com).  The use of acid buffers prevents an accurate reading from
> the chart.
> michael rubin ~ michael at rubinworld_com ~ www.rubinworld.com

Do KH test kits measure "effective" KH, or "real" KH?. I mean, when you
add buffers you are changing the effective KH, but not the actual KH. Do
the test kits pick this up? And if they do, does the chart still hold?

Jerry Baker