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"Made To Order" PMDD traces

I may have access to some equipment that will allow me to make fairly
precise formulations of PMDD traces. By fairly precise I mean measuring
mL to within 0.1 mL and mg to within 0.1 mg. That would make an error
rate of 0.110 mg/L. That's a large error when it comes to Fe when
dosing, but it is miniscule when you are talking about the strength of a
concentrated solution.

What I mean by "made to order" is that someone could say, "make the PMDD
so that it works out that I can dose an even 1 mL per day", etc.

Anyways, I was just wondering if people might be interested in my doing
this if the equipment end works out.

Of course I would have to charge what it cost me for the Plantex CSM+B,
a bottle to ship it to you in, my time, etc.. I figure this price to be
around $5 per 500 mL plus shipping (which is location dependent).

Jerry Baker