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RE: DIY Surface Extractor


Thanks, and I will try to take a couple pics tonight and will send the 
link to the APD tonight.

As for your problem, are you adding CO2?  Is this a fish only tank?  
Sounds like you might be adding too much CO2 if the fish are gasping.  I 
have no surface agitation on my largest tank and never had O2 problems.

The whole point in the design of my / Ivo's surface extractor is to 
extract surface scum and MINIMIZE CO2 loss through surface agitation.  
All of my canister returns are mounted in such a way as to eliminate / 
reduce surface agitation.

Hope this helps.

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From: "Rex Myer" <rex at atticmemories_com>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 13:16:21 -0800
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Subject: RE: DIY Surface Extractor

> Tony,
> Thanks, I appreciate your description of the DIY surface extractor from 
Ivo's. I would like to see the pictures you mentioned to get a better 
idea of what you are describing. Also a question: can a surface extractor 
assist in the surface movement of the water to facilitate better O2 
exchange for the fish. Can it be the only "surface agitator" and keep 
fish alive? You see I had a spray bar from a canister filter mounted 
horizontally and it worked fine but created too much tank turbulence. So 
silly me I mount it vertical and end up with dead fish a few mornings 
later with the remaining gasping for air at the top. I want to keep the 
tank turbulence down while keeping enough of the surface agitation to 
keep O2 in the tank. If you don't know the answer could you please post 
to the ACT-WIN list as I have yet to successfully post (hence why I am 
sending direct email). Thanks.

> Rex Myer