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Re: Adjusting pH


I didn't really explain myself very well. I actually would like to maintain a stable low pH, but do not use presurized CO2, so I want to buffer my water against CO2 dependant pH swings. I also am trying to maintain low GH and KH (relatively) since one of the main purposed of my tank is to have a favorable environment for breeding apistogramma. 
Your totally right, as soon as I add an additionaly acid to my tank I can't use "the chart' any longer. But say you want to maintain a pH of 6.0 at a  KH of 3 using only CO2. From the chart (which I don't have in front of me) you would have to add a dangerous amount of CO2 to do so.  peat is a good choice for this also, but I am trying acid buffer because I can control the imput a little better and it isn't as messy. =)