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Pearling and Algae question

Well I finally made the leap to CO2 injection.  All my plants (except one) 
are pearling. I have a few questions:

1-  Does pearling signify that plant is growing and has plenty of nutrients 
or does it just mean theres respiration?

2-  How long does it take if there is appropiate nutrients before I notice 

3-  algae problem is getting worse now. both I believe you call it greenspot 
and general slim on glass. below are particulars of 55 gal tank. I need to 
scrape about once every 4-5 days.

    Have 8 SAE fish
    2- guoromis
    2 tetras
    1- angel fish
    oh yea I have been fighting snails like you wouldnt believe. Prolificate 
little guys.

    Ammonia     0
    Nitrite     0
    PH          6.6
    KH          2.0 
    CO2     15ppm
    lighting        161 watts  96 and 55 w subcompacts
    water change    I do about 25% every week when home

4-  If KH is too low what do I add and how much. Wheres the formula? And if 
ph is too low I will just decrease number of bubbles injected? Right now 1 
bubble/ 4 secs.

5-  Do I need to test for something else? If so what and how do you manage if 
there is a problem

I have been reading with interest all of your comments and searched site and 
Krib but can seem to come to a good conclusion.

Richard Moore