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Adjusting pH

Tarah wrote:

> I have just started using a combination of SeaChem Acid Buffer and
baking soda 
> to stabilize the pH in my tank @ 6.5. So far using the stated ratios
have worked 
> really well. I also use DIY CO2, so my motivation for using the buffer
was to stabilize 
> the pH independant of CO2. 

I don't know what the properties of your source water are, but a common
way of approaching this is to set the KH with baking soda, then use only
CO2 to bring the pH back down to your target range.  Using this method,
one can easily ascertain CO2 saturation from the KH/pH/CO2 table (at
thekrib.com).  The use of acid buffers prevents an accurate reading from
the chart.

michael rubin ~ michael at rubinworld_com ~ www.rubinworld.com