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Re: Home Depot PC's

>>Is this 65 watts an equal to ? or the actual bulb wattage rated? Could you
provide the manufacturer etc?
IME these things are marketed as "= to 65 watts normal when the actual bulb
is a 27 watt.<<

WalMart carries a similar product (same bulb, I believe) manufactured by
Lights of America (www.lightsofamerica.com) and it is indeed a 65w bulb. My
brother-in-law uses them with great success on his reef tank and I plan on
using them for my next tank. The difference between the Walmart and the Home
Depot ones are the Walmart ones are sold as "shop lights" so they are wired
with a plug. The Home Depot ones are marketed as outdoor floodlights and
they need to be wired for an outlet. The replacement bulbs are the same for
both and are available at Home Depot for $10.97, I think. That's pretty
darned cheap! The fixtures themselves are priced at about $25 at Walmart and
$30 at Home Depot.