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CO2 reactor location

I have a question pertaining to changing the location of a CO2 reactor. 

It is a Tom Barr reactor and is driven by a small power head pushing water
into the chamber.  Currently, it is hanging on the side of my tank.  There
are 2 options:

1.  Mount it above the tank in my hood (my hood is 21 inches high)
2.  Mount it in the stand below the tank.

If it is in the hood, it will be with a metal halide.  The reactor is
covered in foil so I don't think algae growth would be an issue.  There is a
fan in the top of the stand.  I am concerned about heat and whether having
to pump up to the reactor and then letting the water just flow back down by
gravity would have any negative implications?  I would presume that having
to get the water back up from under the stand is a problem.  My tank is 24
inches tall so that is a good ways for the water to have to travel up.

Thanks as always.


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