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Re: adjusting pH with Sea chem buffers


I have just started using a combination of SeaChem Acid Buffer and baking soda to stabilize the pH in my tank @ 6.5. 
So far using the stated ratios have worked really well. I also use DIY CO2, so my motivation for using the buffer was to stabilize the pH independant of CO2. 
I still see a 24hr fluctuation in pH that reflects the Co2 content but it is only ~0.3 pH units daily.  I use RO water that I reconstitute (w/ Equillibrium also) and my final GH is 6.5 and KH is 2.5.  I have only been doing this for a month now, and with weekly water changes my tank still does not completely reflect the new buffer regiem. I expect my final GH to be ~4 and KH to be 3 when the tank water has been completely replaced. 

Just my two cents,