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RE: Cardinals and Neons

Doug wrote:

"My understanding is that until recently cardinals were almost entirely wild
caught, while neons were farm bred.  Now there are some farms in Florida and
Tennesee that breed cardinals, too."

It is my understanding that the holding tanks for the wild caught cardinals
were infected with a disease last summer, and that it took some time to work
itself out. Since there is a defined "fishing season" for wild caught
cardinals, hopefully the holding tanks can be flushed clean between seasons.
Not so for captive bred neons, which results in the present condition where
just about every neon will eventually die from neon fish disease because
they won't ever flush the entire system, so to speak. I lost several batches
of cardinals to the mysterious disease early last summer, but have had
minimal losses since then. Overall, I think cardinals are the more hardy
fish over neons in the long run, even though you will almost always hear the

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas, ya'll

(I missed the color of water in a bucket debate (see the archives) but I did
get in one shot in the creation vs evolution debate, was a combatant in the
CO2 dump debate, and innocently started the name game that lead to the
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