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Re: Adjusting pH w/SeaChem products


I am interested in what makes your water that way too - my sister-in-law 
lives in SF and her water is just too weird. Here in Oregon our water is 
pretty standard stuff, although now that the rains have come both KH and GH 
have dropped to 1.5 to 2.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that many fish experts believe that it is 
the GH, not the pH, that affects the fish. pH is usually given in books, I 
know, but that may be because *usually* a low pH = low hardness, or maybe 
it's that pH test kits are more widely distributed than GH test kits, or 
maybe it's that the people who say GH is more important than pH are just 

If those people are right, then your nice low GH should open up your fish 

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