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Let's Talk About Enemas...lol

My response time these days is lagging, but the idea about using 
disposable enemas as a PO4 source made me chuckle and also intrigued 
me. So, there I am the other day in the enema aisle at the grocery 
store inspecting every brand of enema that I could find for info 
about the ingredients. The pharmacy booth was directly across from 
where I stood and needless to say, the pharmacist looked a bit 
puzzled about why I was spending so much time reading enema boxes, 
lol. I suspect I didn't look too bright just then. I came up with 
nothing in the way of ingredients. Couldn't find that listed on any 
of the packages.

Surely I'm not the only person who pondered the idea of giving my 
tank an enema. Has anyone else discovered what enemas are usually 
made of or tried this?

Assuming an enema would be useful, the only question remaining would 
be where to insert the nozzle.