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Cardinals and Neons

For what it's worth:

My understanding is that until recently cardinals were almost entirely wild
caught, while neons were farm bred.  Now there are some farms in Florida and
Tennesee that breed cardinals, too.  I'm sure there afolks who can correct
me on this.

My impression is that these little tetras (and rummynosed tetras) are vey
susceptible to stress, and can get creamed by low oxygen when they're
stressed.  One very experienced person suggested that acclimating the fish
in water that's had some airstrones in it for a while to oxygenate it before
hand can really help with this.

Another observations is that I have a hell of a time getting fish home from
the store, but virtually never lose tetras when I move them from one tank to
another.  This suggests to me that they may be very susceptible to osmotic

In other words, I don't really know why they're so sensititve, but these are
some other possiblilities.