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Hello there. New member coming out of lurk mode to ask a few questions. 
First, introductions. I'm Tim and I live in the UK I've just started keeping 
fish again ater keeping them for several years when I was younger. Got a 30" 
tank six months ago and the bug bit me hard! I'm just finishing setting up a 
four foot moderately planted tank :o)

I've just stater using DIY CO2 on my new tank and it seems to be working a 
treat. I can see streams of oxygen bubbles coming from the leaves of my 
Amazon Swords!

I use the normal six cups of water, one of sugar and a teaspoon of yeast in 
a soda bottle to produce the CO2. To prolong contact with the water, I use 
an upside down plastic cup hidden behind driftwood. This has a pin hole in 
the top to let the gas escape if too much builds up.

To agitate the water I have the powerhead section of an old Fluval 2 filter 
cirlulating water across the CO2/water interface.

My first question would be to ask if it is a good idea to put this powerhead 
on the same timer as the lights? That way, when the lights went off and 
photosynthesis stopped, not as much CO2 would be desolved, reducing the pH 

My second question is about lighting. The way I figure it, if I set the 
lighting timers to six hours on, six hours off, there will be two, smaller 
pH swings rather than one larger one. Is this correct? Also, will only 
having a six hour lighting period allow the plants to "get into the swing" 
of their photosynthesis before going dark again?

Any help, comments, opinions or constructive flames are greatfully received.


APRA #66

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