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Re: stellata

>>I have been growing Es for a couple of months and
would agree that it is easy.  Your comment about being
stressed has me curious.  What were the
symptoms?  Did it change color, wilt, or what?<<

The leaves were turning both white and pink, from the
normal green.  Others on the list have said this is
due to phosphate deficiency, primarily.  For a while I
was dosing phospate, then I quit.  It's still green (I
never have measured phosphate).

 >>Finally, how do people typically prune this plant? 
What kind of height can
be achieved with acceptable growth?  How tall is your
tank <<

1. Pruning.  I just use sharp scissors.  Cut to the
point where I think I can still get new growth from
the stump.  Replant the top.

2.  I am not sure what you mean by your height
question.  Mine is growing practically out of tank
(bending along the surface, with the very top above
water).  So the total length of the stem is probably
beyond 20 inches.  It doesn't look great that way,
because you can't see the more luxuriant growth.

3.  It's in a 135gal, what's that 18-20 inches tall?

If  your stuff looks faded, I would try adding a bit
of phosphate.  Or maybe you have too much light
(doubtful).  There are others here with a lot more
experience than me with dosing/nutrients for this


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