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eusteralis stellata

Just thought I would throw out some of my observations
on stellata, now that that I have had it for about 3

First of all, it seems to be very easy to grow.  I
have not experienced any of the tips dying, with
subsequent new shoots as others report being typical. 
 On the other hand, I have cut the stem at about
halfway, and then gotten new stems shooting out of the

When I was gone for about 2.5 weeks, the stellata
became a bit nutrient stressed.  I say that because it
started to turn pink.  Once I reestablished my regular
regime, it was fine.  In fact, you can see this in the
following picture.  The pink leaves towards the bottom
are the evidence of my trip, and we can see that the
normal green growth has returned.


The stems have grown to the point that they reached
the surface and began growing out of the water.  These
leaves at the surface seem to be a bit bleached (more
white and pink in them).  I am wondering if pink can
alost be caused by very intense light.  Anyone else
noticed this?

I seem to remember that this is a soft water plant. 
Mine is doing just fine in moderately hard Houston
water, in case anyone is worried about that.  Cool


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