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Small open tank

What would be some good plants for a small (10 gallon, ~40L) tank that's open? I've just moved the lights up about four inches because there was simply way too much over the tank, and hey, fringe benefit, my first open tank. At the moment (absolutely drenched in algae, a totally new experience for me, but I think it's getting better) it has Bacopa or something similar (Already growing out of the top about a half an inch), Baby Tears (Very nice and the only really visible plant), hopefully some still-alive Dwarf Hairgrass, Limnophila indica, a little Purple Cambomba, Tall Sag, and a very small amount of flourishing Stargrass.
Anyway, I don't want everything to grow out of the tank, and I rather like most of the current selection, but can anyone recommend some good complements that will grow out? Obviously giant Amazon Swords won't work, pretty as that would be, but would Anubias Nana send up a flower or anything? It's never tried in the big tank (125), but I keep seeing these gorgeous pictures ...
72 watts, half Flourite, Aquaclear 150 mostly just for surface movement, DIY CO2, Flourish at all-too random intervals, twice weekly 15% water changes, 76-78 degrees F or ~22-23 degrees C.

Thanks for the help,
-Molly & the fish (If it matters, unpainted Glass Fish and Otos in this, so there's a little salt but I used to keep Mollies and frankly I've never come across a plant that really couldn't take a teaspoon or two per ten gallons)