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CO2 reactors

I am stopping the production of the CO2 units.
I will still sell what I have left(about 15 or so) and do a small production
here and there but it will not be through Spectrum desgin plastics any
longer. The guy just ruined customer relations and caused Robert H and I
more headaches than either one of us deserved. I simply do not have the time
to hold someone else's hand through the business end of this. Some folks
cannot keep their end of the bargain and I cannot let the very folks I am
trying to help(the customer) get screwed and hassled because of
incompetence. If someone on the team drops the ball, we all lose.
I'm simply trying to _help_ folks out here with this, it's not about the
money. If they get hassled by shipping to the wrong addresses, delays due to
USPS, forgotten orders etc  I cannot keep the customer happy. I apologized
for someone else's mistakes long enough. It is easier to do all the work
myself at this point. If folks want to email me directly they can for more
info. As far as shipping over seas etc, it can take awhile first off, then
it can cost a bit also. I did ship to Finland but the pump is not set up for
European electrical power consumption so you may need to get a unit without
a pump if you use something other than US plugs.
 I should have some ready by Monday of next week(Feb 4th). If folks want
larger models for tanks in the 90 to 2000 gallon range I can make custom
units also. A unit for a 150 gallon would run about 55$ or so including
shipping. I have sump model designs etc as well.
I am a full time student with a heavy load so I cannot get to the shop
often. It will take some time to complete some units.
The units will be guaranteed for a few years no matter what I do except for
the pumps which are guaranteed by Rio/Taam. I can fix or replace parts as
needed for any of these so you need not worry about that part. Doesn't take
me long to fix anything on them.

Tom Barr