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Lake Kivu

 > I cant give you specific species, but I can tell you
> about the types of fish you should find in this
> African Rift lake.   Of course, there will be many
> species of Haplochromines in flocks similar to Lake
> Victoria as well as some members of the tilapia and or
> sarotheradon genus.   You should be able to find at
> least one member of synodontis catfish. 
> Nothobranchius killies should be found in the
> temporary marshes that surround the lake and some
> species of Aplocheilicthys should be found in shallow
> areas amongst the reeds and grasses.  There should be
> a cyprinid or a cyprinodont type, eg such as
> Aplocheilicthys or Lampricthys that inhabit other rift
> lakes, that act as a forage fish for the predators out
> in open water.  Steve Somermeier (sp) if I remember
> correctly collected several cichlids in this lake a
> long time ago, which looked like the haplochromis
> sorts we see from Lake Victoria.  

klaus, thanks for your reply.  do you happen to know what the parameters of the lake's water are?  i understand lake victoria's water is not as hard and alkaline as the other two major ones, tanganyka and malawi.  also, are there puffers, eels, clupeids, characins, barbs, in kivu too?

tsuh yang chen, nyc USA