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Re: Python maintenance

If you can't find a container large enough to hold the
Python you can try this:  Make a bucket of 5% bleach
solution and suck it into the Python.  Turn off the
water once the bleach soln reaches the faucet and let
the solution sit in the tube until the algae dies. 
Then turn on the faucet and suck out the bleach. 
Reverse the flow on the Python and rinse well with


Scott and Kelly wrote:
Kelly Beard asked abut cleaning a Python.

All of it can be cleaned with chlorine bleach (sodium
hypochlorite aka
chlorox), provided you have a container large enough. 
A 5% solution (1
part bleach to 19 parts tap water) is adequate for
most bleaching.  A
15% should be adequate for just about anything.   Let
the parts sit
until the stain go away or the color bleaches out of
the stain.  Then a
light rubbing, wiping, brushing is all that's needed
to clean off the

You can run water through it to remove residual bleach
from inside the
tubing.  For the rest a rinse and air-dry will remove
the residual

Scott H.

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