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Dosing & Expirations?

I have two questions I've posted before. Perhaps the answers weren't
known, or the questions got lost in the middle of chaos. ;>

1 - (reworded from last time).. I currently dose half the time with TMG
and half the time with a combo of Flourish & Flourish Iron. Sometimes
I'll add potassium, but must admit I don't do it scientifically..

Is there a consensus as to what dosing regimen (and of what) tends to
produce the best results?

2 - There was a thread about a good deal at BigAl's for a large quantity
of TMG.. I tend to buy in bulk (I get the big sizes of the Flourish
stuff).. Do these nutrients have a SHELF LIFE? If I got a huge size of
TMG, would it last for 6 months? 

Thanks, in advance, for any answers. :)