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Re: Bleach in the Diatoms?

John <forbem at optonline_net> wondered if some pool supply Diatomaceous
Earth (DE) might have chlorine in it.

Chlorine ions, of course aren't very dangerous, but chlorine bleach is.
A lot of DE comes from an outfit in Lompc, California.  That state has
excellent requirements -- if you like info -- for making available
Material Safety Data Sheets.  MSDSs are requried for DE products.  
Some comes from Mexico and then travels through the California.

You can also contact the manufacturer to find out what might be "added"
to any DE.  With a little searching you can find perfectly fine DE for
much less than the several dollars per pound that Vortex asks for its
small packages.

DE doesn't rot, at least not if clean and kept dry.  Filter DE, BTW, is
calcined so it's pretty lifeless--harboring no mold, etc if kept dry. 
So I can't imagine why a pool supply manufacturer would add chlorine to
it.  I'm guessing that, since chlorine (as a part of a "bleach" agent)
is something that pool product suppliers charge for, it would be a
cost-extra factor if added to DE, which would probably cut the price
advantage over the so-called aquarium DE.  

Has anyone discovered evidence of additives in DE that would turn to
bleach in water (dry chlorine bleach)?

Scott H.

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