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Frozen brine shrimp nitites

   Douglas, Losing Cardinals within 48 hours seem to be a very common 
 The lfs in area won't even order them anymore due to the high losses. I also
found this to be true of Neons.Several people have told me this is due to a 
fault bred into them in the fish farms of Asia. If this is true I don't see 
how they
produce so many millions of them?
    I've had the same experience with cardinals and neons.Since I have been 
to locate any cardinals I bought neons and used a drip acclimatization 
 Of the 15 neon's I introduced to a 75 planted tank I have lost 1 in four 
months and
he had obvious injuries. The 14 are doing very well with no problems.
   I'm adding 30 more in Feb and I think I'll divide them into 2 groups and 
use the
standard and drip acclimatization methods to see if there is a difference.
   In your case , high nitrites would obviously be a problem but your 
experience is sure
the norm of most people.