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Re: What type of plant to hide a filter?

Amanda wrote:
> it looks okay.  The only thing is the filter.  There is a big hole there
> because it blows any plant I put there to bits or rips it out by the roots.
> It's such an eyesore though!  But I'm not quite sure what would work there.
> It has to be A.) be relatively easy so I don't kill it, B.) tough enough to

A few plants I use in that situation:

1) African fern : very strong stems, doesn't get pushed around.
2) Large java ferns : almost as good as #1
3) Giant Hygro : unlike regular hygro, giant hydro has a very woody
stem, which makes it stand up against current well.

> put up with lots of trimming.  I would also prefer it to be a dark green to
> balance out the color scheme but that would just be icing on the cake!

#1 and #2 would both fit.

As it happens, I've got some of each to spare.  Email me if you want it.

Chuck Gadd