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RE: E compacta

>Are there any other swords besides e. 'compacta', e. parviflorus, and e.
>tennellus that don't grow monstrous? From what I can tell, e.
>cordifolius 'Tropica Marble Queen' stays pretty small, too.  I have
>appx. 10" of vertical space to work with.  Suggestions, anyone?

Give it time on the Marble Queen.  I started with a small one late November.
It is now at least 10" tall.  I have grown one to over 20" (exceeding the
top of the tank).  In my opinion, this is a great sword if you have an open
aquarium plus the flower is awesome.  Does it have to be a sword in that
space?  Have you considered crypts?

big D
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