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Re: Please Help with "hazy" water

On Mon, 2002-01-28 at 15:28, David A. Youngker wrote 

> > This has happened to me when my yeast brew inadvertanly
> > back-siphons into the tank.  If enough of the mixture
> > enters the water column, all hell can break loose.
> >  Nowadays whenever I see a grey haze in any of my
> > tanks with DIY CO2 I change water like crazy for a few
> > days.
> The two most commonly-reported aggravations stemming from yeast generators
> can be eliminated very easily with the use of an extra bottle of water.
> Simply use it as an in-line water filter, bubbling the CO2 through an air
> stone at the bottom of the bottle and bleeding the filtered gas off the top.

I have actually done this: (ASCII art alert)

  |        |
=====      |  __________|____==           |
|   |      | |          |                 |
|   |      | |          |   Tank          |
|co2|     ===           |                 |
|___|     |_|           |_________________|
           |----1/2 water

The inline water filer also acts as a bit of a check valve, mainly
because I couldn't find any brass ones available locally.

I was actually wondering if the frosted glass effect could be a sign of
green water, which soneone has said in the past is not nesecarily green.

Anyway, 2 20% water changes 12 hours appart seem to have solved most of
the problem so we'll see what happens of the next few weeks.  Maybe a
few more plants (a java fern or 2) would help?