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Errors and Truth - APD 1566

In APD 1566 an ill-informed person stated that several years ago an American 
AWACS plane violated Chinese air space and in the process caused the death of 
a Chinese pilot who had crashed into the plane.  That error of fact was soon 
corrected by several others, who in turn were criticized by other posters, in 
part for getting off topic.  

I think that it's important to correct serious errors of fact in public 
forums, even if they are off topic.  If left unchallenged, others will accept 
the errors as the truth and possibly go on to make erroneous judgements based 
on them.    

We saw an example in APD 1570, where a similarly ill-informed person used the 
supposed violation of Chinese air space as an example of American conduct 
which "got us into this whole sept. 11 mess"  (sic).  Things like that take 
on lives of their own, and we should do what we can to stop them before they 
start, IMHO.

BTW, the opinion about the cause of the September 11 disaster is just that, a 
statement of opinion, and not an appropriate matter for duiscussion here, 
again IMHO.