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Re: T-8 vs T-12

Bill Lynn wrote:
> Well being Canadian, AH supply CFs look great but the exchange rate and
> shipping are killers . I however had a stroke of  luck has allowed me to get
> T-8(5000K) at $3Cdn each (wholesale) and a couple of free ballasts. $72 for
> 24 bulbs, before I was paying $10-$20 per T-12 and changing them every
> 6months.
> Question: I was running 6 T-12 @40W(full specturm) should I replace with 6
> T-8 @32W or should I use 8 bulbs?  The T-8s appear much brighter than the
> T-12s.
> Any good sources for reflectors for T-8 or DIYs, I am currently using
> tinfoil to line my light box.
> These bulbs are staggered over a 5ft tank so the ends of the tank receive
> less light.(that's where the Java Fern and other lower light plants go)
> Thanks,
> Bill Lynn
> wlynn at telus_net

My understanding is that a 32W T8 is roughly equivalent in output to a
40W T12. I think they can be used interchangeably.

As far as reflectors, they aren't as good as the multi-faceted AH Supply
reflectors, but take a look:


I would imagine it is an improvement over nothing.

Jerry Baker