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RE: Chinese Fighter Pilot

>Don said:

>"Remember the Chinese fighter pilot that "bumped" our AWACS plane in the

>His name was Wong Way.

Well after seeing this thread for the first time today I had to look way
back to find out how it started.  After seeing how it started I had a good
chuckle.  I don't really think poor Don tried to start something here.  I
think it was a humorous statement that was taken way out of context and
quickly started a life of its own.

I for one (ex-military and proud of it) am not offended by his remarks.  It
was just a bad example to use.  Don :o) please buddy don't leave this group
cause of what has happened here.  You know how the saying goes..."some can
tell a joke, some can't", LOL!!!!!

As for the others, it was just an honest mistake.

Dave Berryman
Ex-Drill sergeant for the Army