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dying plants

> I have a question. My plants have suddenly 
> dying off and i can't figure out why?
> I have a 29G tanks with 2 aquaclear 200 filers, 
60W of
> "plant lights". it is a tropical tank temp is 
about 74
> and I have 4 clown laoches, 4 cory cats, 4 
> fish and 1 betta.
> This tank has been this way for about month and 
> half.
> before it had 3 3" goldfish.
> My hygrophila polyspera is very pale and the 
> are disintergrating. My amazon swords are doing 
> same, they are small babies. My unknown crypt 
is also
> suffering.
> The anachris is thin but very green and is the 
> thing that seems to be thriving.
> They were very slow growing when the tank was 
> and had the goldfish ( expect the anachris).
> I thought it was light, so I increased the time 
I left
> the lights on and that didn't help. They stay 
on at
> least 8-10 hours. And I though maybe it was 
> deficency. I added some fertilizer, but all I 
got was
> more algea.
> Can you help?

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