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No Subject

Art wrote about CO2 Test Kits:
So I have 3 possibilities that I can think of: 
A:- My test kit is defective 
B:- My CO2 concentration is extremely high (over 80 
C:- I dont' know what the hell I am doing. 
The plants that I have in the tank were not showing 
any sign of growth for the first 2 weeks I had them, 
in the almost 4 days since CO2 started, they are 
showing new growth in the form of new leaves and 
shoots coming out at various spots. So the question 
is: Is my CO2 really that high? I would have thought 
that such a high concetration would kill my fish, but 
they seem very happy, no deaths, no stress that I can 
see.(4 Guppies, holding there until tank cycles). I 
called Big Al's from whom I bougth the test kit 
(Plant Care Mini-Lab Test Kit from Red Sea) and they 
were very ---helpful.

IME, the Red Sea kits are pretty useless.  I have 
this same kit and was never really able to figure out 
my CO2 from it.  I bought a LaMotte, which is much 
better. (I think I would have been better off buying 
a pH meter from the begining and using that and my 
cheap Aq. Pharm hardness kit to determine CO2 from 
the table)

My advice is to ignore the Red Sea kit and obtain a 
reasonable KH (carbonate hardness) test kit and a 
good pH test kit.  Then use the CO2 vs. KH / pH table 
at http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/CO2/co2-booth-faq.html 
or elsewhere on the net.  Also, I was never 
able to obtain results from the Red Sea Fe test kit 
that comes with the "Plant Care" set... I am happy 
with the SeaChem one I bought to replace it. YMMV etc.

Hope this helps!
-Tony in Philly, where it is almost _70_ F_ !!!!!