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re: Chinese Fighter Pilot

> I apologize for taking up APD bandwidth on this non-plant related topic.  It would be far better to stick to plant 
> related discussions.  However a couple of posts on the Chinese Fighter Pilot thread are misinforming.
> 1.  Our aircraft was an EP-3.  This is an electronics intelligence gathering aircraft not an AWACS.  
> (Yes, the distinction is a big deal)  The EP-3 is a big 4-propeller aircraft based on the old Lockheed Electra.  
> A typical mission would have them fly safely beyond the 12 mile limit.  This is not an arbitrary number.  
> That is the universally accepted distance worldwide.  Yes the Chinese could fly their aircraft 12 miles off 
> our coast and yes, you could be sure they would have US fighter escort the entire time.
> 2.  The EP-3 while on station, would most likely be on autopilot but would most definitely be flying at a constant 
> airspeed/altitude.  If they were focused on a particular area they may be flying "racetracks" but their turns would 
> be measured and consistent.  Believe me, if the pilots were doing any kind of "Hot dogging", the 20+ guys/gals 
> in the back would straighten them out real quick.
> 3. The Chinese fighter pilot, on the other hand, was doing much more than escorting the EP-3.  He was engaged 
> in the practice of "thumping" the slower, larger aircraft.  Thumping involves a high speed pass where the fighter 
> comes up from behind and below the slower aircraft and pulls up sharply to pass directly in front.  The result is 
> that it scares the c**p out of the EP-3 pilot and as the slower plane passes through the fighter's jet wash it roughly 
> shakes the thumped aircraft jostling around every one in the back.
> Unfortunately the Chinese pilot was not very good.  In fact he personally had a reputation of erratic flying and 
> several close calls with this and other EP-3 crews.  On the fatal thumping run he misjudged his pull up and
>  hit the EP-3.
> So, you can and should feel sorry for the Chinese fighter pilot and his family, 
> but in this case, the big, bad, meanie U.S.A. is not at fault.
> Lyndle Schenck
> USN, Ret.
> 1,200 hours S-3A, 500+ hours P-3C
> Now can we get back to plants?