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re: Chinese Fighter Pilot

> and FYI, the idea that the u.s. has the right to intrude militarily anywhere,
> including flying spy planes off the coast of other countries is pure hogwash

THERE WAS NO INTRUDING.  International airspace is not owned by any

> how would we feel if foreign military planes were flying so close to our
> territory?

The USSR use to do it all the time.  Any nation that possesses the capabilities
can and would do it regularly, and the US would not and could not complain.   
Our military fighters would fly nearby, making sure the aircraft didn't 
threaten our national borders.   And our pilots would fly responsibly, not 
risking their own lives and the lives of the crew of the foreign aircraft 
by repeatedly doing high speed fly-bys of the slower moving aircraft.   

I have no sympathy for the Chinese pilot who died.  He endangered the lives 
of all the Americans onboard the E3 aircraft, who were doing their job, and
who were operating 100% in accordance with international laws and treaties.
Thanks to the excellent skill and training of the the US crew, the Chinese
pilot only succeeded in killing himself.

> > And yes, I AM ex-military, and 110% proud of it.

Me too.  Any since tsuh yang chen seems to think that someone doesn't
count if they don't sign their signature, I'll make sure to include

Chuck Gadd
US Air Force, 1987-1992, served in Operation Just Cause, Operation
Desert Shield, and Operation Desert Storm.