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OT: Clown loach givin' me a scare

After the lights had been off for a few hours, I came upstairs and
turned on the room light.  I could see on of my new loaches nestled
between the glass and a sword leaf.  He looked to be dead or not at all
well.  I moved the leaf and he kinda fell to the bottom, but he then
darted off and then went to the oposite side of the tank and then
positioned himself between the glass and a leaf again, except he was
sideways this time.  I've never had any kind of loach before, so this
behavior is new to me.  I hope he lives through the night.  He is part
of a group of 3.  I've kinda gotten attached to them already even though
I had them a day.  He looked to be quite active and playful with the
other two all day today, eating and swimming around.

Kelly Beard

"I wear black on the outside 'cos black is how I feel on the inside"