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re: lighting for a 29 gal. tank

Erik Peterson wrote:
"Hi. I'm setting up an aquarium for my girlfriend who has never kept fish
or aquatic plants. "

Michael Rubin replied:
"AH Supply sells 35w Bright kits as well as 55w and 96w.  A pair of the
36w kits would probably be perfect at just under 2-1/2 watts/gal on the

Very good advice, IMHO.  Less watts per gallon is more forgiving of dosing
errors and innatentiveness.  Probably better with DIY C02.  Much easier to
add more lighting as skills and interest develop.  2.5 watts/gal of AHS
lighting will still be enough to keep you on your toes :-).  and grow darn
near any plant.  I am growing high light plants with 2.18 watts / gal.(NO
w/ice cap ballast) in a 75 gal.  The only problem plants in the tank are
Crypts - another post - later.

Jay Reeves
Minneapolis - "it might as well be spring"