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Re: Vortex Filters

Dan Gibson wrote, in part:

> I started using their "alternate method" (the pitcher),
> which did 
> help, and certainly was easier, but did not stop the initial
> discharge of DE 
> into my aquariums.

If you start the filter running with the in/out tubes in a pitcher,
then the DE (diatomaceous earth, or diatoms) can't get into your tank. 
Don't take the pitcher away until the water in the pitcher is clear and
no mor DE so then be passing through the filter -- then none should get
into your tank.

> I do use the XL on different aquariums, so I will
> be 
> installing another cut-off valve on the input side to prevent water
> from 
> pouring out when moving from tank to tank and to aid in preventing
> the 
> Vortex from losing prime.  I went to the hardware store and purchased
> the materials to reverse flush the Vortex (hose and garden hose
> adapter). 
> All of these things should be supplied STANDARD, IMO, with the
> Vortex, 
> as well as quick disconnects for the input and output hoses at the 
> junction of hoses and main unit.

I couldn't agree more that quick disconnects, a recharge/recirculate
valve should be standard items included with every Vortex.
>  The A.O. Smith motor is relatively
> loud, 
> but certainly tolerable *if* you are using it to polish and not used 
> continously.

On the D1, the motor is a little over 100 watts (a Fasco).  I imagine
the XL is evenhigher wattage.  Quite a jumo up from, for example the
Eheim 1250, which consumes only 28 watts, but doesn't produce nearly
the pressure the Vortex requires.  I would expect a motor in this power
range to be louder.  It certainly makes it less important how loud the
cooling fans are on the lights.  ;-)

>  I have already used swimming pool supplier DE in my 
> various tanks with Angels, Pl*cos, Bettas, etc., and none of them are
> any the worse off for it. 

You said it.  DE for filtering, rather than a soil additive or
pesticide, is rinse/washed and calcined  -- wet it and bake it. 
Whether it's used for pools or comes from Vortex, it's mostly mined in
California and it's all the same.  Moral -- buy the stuff from Pool
Supply house and save $s.

Scott H.

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