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lighting advice for 29 gallon tank

DLee185936 at aol_com wrote:
> Have you considered two double bulb NO setups?  Not that 
> I have anything bad to say about AH Supply, just a thought.  
> CF is great, it seems that you are somewhat stuck between a 
> 2 or 4 watt per gallon setup, and you probably want something 
> in between.  I think the 2x55 would be overkill myself, especially
> if you are a beginner at all.  I would go with the one and keep 
> medium to low light plants.  
AH Supply sells 35w Bright kits as well as 55w and 96w.  A pair of the
36w kits would probably be perfect at just under 2-1/2 watts/gal on the
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