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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1567

Glenn Attwood wrote:

> Subject: Please help with "hazy" water
> 24hrs ago I added a DIY CO2 (Yeast, no reactor) injector to my 10g
> lightly planted tank.  Everything was fine at noon today. When I next
> looked at my tank at 3pm, the water was hazy.  It's like looking through
> frosted glass.  I also appear to have lost my lone snail, but the other
> denizens appear to be fine (no gasping at surface).
> I've pulled out the air stone that was bubbling the CO2, but I was
> hoping someone could clue me into what was/is going on.  Any help would
> be greatly appriciated.

I, too, use a DIY CO2 system (in fact two of them in a 110 gallon tank).
Every once in a while my tank does go hazy as well, but it seems to soon
"grow out of it". My tank mostly does this when I add nutrients, or
adjust the water in some way. Recently I have been adding some Flourish
Excell for extra carbon, and I think this may be linked to it somehow.

In any case, if I just give the tank a day or so with plenty of light,
it seems to take care of itself. Very recently I have increased the
lighting in my tank, and I have not seen the grey haze back. You may
want to try this. I was at about 1.5 W/g like you, and have increased it
to about 2.5 W/g. Just make sure you keep watching the pH in your tank.
10g is very small, and you could easily overdo the CO2, even with a DIY
yeast system.

Hope this helps!

Ed Dumas