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Re: Diatom Filters

I second Augustine's recommendation for the System One. It one of the best
investments in equipment I ever made! I have it for over 12 years, maybe

However, I still use my OLD Vortex Diatom filter (20+ years old).  I need
it for my tanks which have a 6" wooden frame to hold my lights. The frame
just sits on the tank and was not designed to easily lift off, so I cant
easily hang on my system one. 

A comment about vortex usage - to charge the vortex, I first fill the jar
with dry powder and screw it together. After sucking on the outflow tube to
fill the jar, I put the strainer back on and before the jar is full of
water. I then stick the strainer ends of the tubing in a narrow fish bag
filled with water which is on the inside in the tank. This allows the
powder to coat the filter without getting ANY in the tank water(same idea
as pitcher, but fish bag does not require me to hold it).  When  all the
water in the fish bag is clear and all powder is sucked out, I gently
remove it and filter is ready to go. 

For GW removal, the vortex is not as efficient as the system one and is
definitely a bigger pain to unscrew, pull off fabric bag, and do repeat
cleaning when the algae is pea soup thick. Also, the vortex is a MUCH
bigger pain to store than the System One.