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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1566

This is an extremely tacky comment to make.  The pilot died, if you 
remember.  Besides, as I recall, it was our AWACS plane that was intruding 
at the time.

I almost never post on this board, but I'll make an exception here.  Your 
comments are so much horsefeathers.  The Chinese pilot died because of his 
own incompetent and reckless flying, and not from any aggression on the part 
of the American plane, who was flying straight and level at the time.  The 
Chinese pilot was playing chicken with the American plane, and he lost.  I 
have no sympathy for him.  Also, the American plane was NOT "intruding."  He 
was flying in international waters.  If you want someone to take on and try 
to exert your passive aggressive nonsense on, write to me off the board and 
we'll discuss this in a little more detail.  But it is YOUR comments here 
that are inappropriate.  Sorry, but you don't get away with feigning offense 
here.  When someone takes offense where none was intended, it is the offended 
person who becomes offensive.  

And yes, I AM ex-military, and 110% proud of it.

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