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Re:nanotech developed in aquarium

    * From: "Jeff Dafoe" <jeff at badtz-maru_com>

Today, after a water change, I saw the oddest thing.  A couple of my
plants had these tiny, silver, spider-looking things sitting on them,  The
mystery creatures were maybe 1mm wide and their 8 or so legs were moving
rapidly around as they navigated across the leaves of a couple of my plants.
The creatures look like they are made out of shiny metal.  Assuming that my
fish have not built robotic algae-harvesting equipment, what the heck are
these things?

I think I know.  I'll bet you have some aphids living on the surface
feeding on leaves that are in contact with the surface.  These aphids are
water repellant, and, if they get submerged, they will be enveloped in a
bubble of air that makes them look silvery.

Paul Krombholz in frosty central Mississippi.