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Victory!!! Dang hydra gone!!!

YES! I fear that my premature celebrating may jinx it, but I think I've 
killed all the hydra. On Monday, I used the recommended dosage of Bausman 
Gold & Tropical Fish Tonic to "destroy hydra." Upon initial usage, I didn't 
think it was going to work because five or so hydra were still adhered to 
the glass. But today, day 5, I see only one, whose tentacles look kinda 
like when a person's hair get singed by fire. If I follow the directions 
and add the extra dose tomorrow, I think I'll have this licked once and for 
all. I hope...

There are no visible signs of damage to my plants or fish or even snails. 
Two nights ago, I had a nightmare, probably from the cold medication I 
took. I looked in my tank and the hydra had resurrected, and they were like 
four times their original size, all green and plump. Then I thought the 
ground was shaking and I woke up gasping. It was just my husband turning 
over in bed. Next morning, I checked my tank, and was relieved to see that 
I didn't have inch-long green hydra stuck to the glass, waving their plump 
tentacles at me. In fact, I found three plump little newborn guppies, instead.

Thanks, Susan, for recommending the Bausman's Tonic! Now I can do some 
badly-needed pruning and algae-removing for this tank without cringing or 
having to go to the bathroom. I also recommend this stuff to anybody else 
having hydra problems and don't have the room for a large gourami. I 
wouldn't use it regularly as a tonic if you have plants (as it contains 
salt), but like Susan said, it's good to have just in case. My fish 
actually look a lot healthier since adding it. Surprisingly, my Rasbora 
maculata (which I bought a few weeks ago), are still alive in this tank. I 
think I won! Yes, I do believe I have won!!! Woo-hoo! Maybe that last dying 
one's flipping me "the tentacle." ;-)

Tomorrow, I SHALL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!!!! Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA! >:-P