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Please help with "hazy" water

24hrs ago I added a DIY CO2 (Yeast, no reactor) injector to my 10g
lightly planted tank.  Everything was fine at noon today. When I next
looked at my tank at 3pm, the water was hazy.  It's like looking through
frosted glass.  I also appear to have lost my lone snail, but the other
denizens appear to be fine (no gasping at surface).

I've pulled out the air stone that was bubbling the CO2, but I was
hoping someone could clue me into what was/is going on.  Any help would
be greatly appriciated.


1.5 w/g lighting (6400k)
3-4 dKH
10 dGH
NH3/NH4 - below resolution of my test kit

pH 8.2 before C02, 6.8 after

fish: 6 pearl danios, 4 jullii corys, 1 (now deceased) snail (Aztec

plants: some crypts and a bolbitis fern on some driftwood

Glenn Attwood