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Re: Getting Diatoms in the filter and not the tank

Dan Gibson asked about charging up his Vortex XL without getting
diatoms in his tank.

You talked about using a real cutt-off valve rather than the cheap
plastic thing Vortex provides.  This suggests that you are charging by
using the method of clamping/closing the output line and running the
filter until the diatoms load on the filter mesh.  This method tends to
dump a little stuff into the output tube at the start and whatever gets
into the output tube ends up in the tank.  BTW, it's not just java 
that the stuff clings tenaciously to.

Try using the "other" method of charging.  Get you filter primed and
ready to go, then put a pitcher in the tank tank under the in and out
tubes, raise the pitcher above the water line.  Now add the diatoms to
the pitcher and run the filter.  you are filtering only the pitcher
water and in  few minutes the mesh is loaded with diatom, the pitcher
water is clear and you can drop it down under and away from the tubes
and you all set with no spillage of the diatoms.  A spring clamp to the
pitcher to the tank is helpful with this method.  For a pitcher, I use
a quart water bottle with the top cut off.  This method is actually
easier for me -- maybe for you to.

Scott H.

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