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Vortex XL problem

Has anyone used or is currently using a Vortex XL Diatom filter?  I 
recently purchased one that is driving me crazy(ier).  No matter what I 
do, I cannot prevent it from sending out some DE into my aquarium after 
a recharge.  You would think that would not be a problem, *except*  this 
particular tank has java moss at the bottom and when the DE settles into 
the java moss, even the Vortex cannot extract it.  It makes a mess, to 
say the least.  I've installed a real cutoff valve on the output side of the 
Vortex to aid in priming the pump and to allow the DE to coat the filter.  
I'm using 3 cups of DE as per their instructions.  Any suggestions or tips 
greatly appreciated.